What is the Monaco Grand Prix?

What is the Monaco Grand Prix?

The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the three most prestigious races in the world, organised in the Principality of Monaco. Even the Monaco circuit bypasses the port of Hercules, from the roads of Monte-Carlo and La Condamine, connecting the curves in the middle of the rails. More information on the website: http://www.monacostarevents.com/  . The track is more difficult and difficult, but over the years, the automobile club has made constant improvements, especially in the design of the refuelling stands.

Participate in the Monaco Group

As every season, Formula 1 marks the stop in Monaco, the highlight of the sporting calendar. For all these reasons, Grand Prix tickets are generally highly coveted. In order to avoid being caught off guard, the Automobile Club de Monaco (the event organiser) opens its counters well in advance. The different stands of the Monaco Grand Prix are certainly the best. These are placed in the most interesting areas of the circuit. You will be invited to see their location when you buy your ticket in a sales store or on the website. The price of this ticket varies depending on the location and at exactly the same column 10 can even multiply the cost of a chair. On a flex, count between 60 and 100 euros on the purchase price of the place and more than 600 euros on the stand at the finish line.

Rent a VIP terrace

In order to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix event, you can find different places that offer you the opportunity to dive. You do exactly the same time obey the races and can have lunch while enjoying a reserved area in a restaurant located on the track. It is also possible to join the stand races ideally located at the edge of the circuit. To be able to enjoy a magnificent view throughout the 24, but in addition, the choice of a patio rental price is interesting. You have the possibility to select the best locations to do this. These terraces are extremely popular because they provide excellent comfort.

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