Search and purchase of a yacht

The purchase of a yacht is a private investment that creates both financial and psychological implications. More information : . The search for the yacht requires the help of specialists with a real knowledge of the vision and the market. There is a luxury yacht at the top of the list of the 10 most expensive purchasing assets. And it is not only the purchase of this yacht regarding expenses, which must be taken into account when buying, and there is also the operating cost which is huge!

The different types of yacht

Starting from the same principle as for the car, start for yachts: there is something for every budget, using all kinds of accessories and installations. The price label, at the time of maintenance and purchase, will therefore depend on many factors. A yacht is an incalculable number of charges. Costs include: cleaning crew, restocking and repairs. In general, the amount of maintenance costs. The complete overhaul of a 100-metre ship can reach nearly one million euros. In addition to your boat, you can also buy water toys. This equipment also has a maintenance cost, for example. In addition, we must not forget the cost of fuel. It is preferable to have your place in a port. For insurance, it is generally 0.7 to 0.8% of the purchase price. A cost that will also depend on the version and on different elements.

Yacht maintenance

In order not to lose its value quickly, it is very important to carry out maintenance on the boat. Feel free to call to do so. This type of boat must be maintained visually and in terms of accessories and mechanics. Yacht repair is essential over time to allow decent navigation. Repairing broken or damaged parts is the function of organizations. Given the difficulty, it is advisable to use their services. The repair and maintenance of the yacht will be ensured.

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