Organize a custom wedding

Finally, you will take the big leap, the countdown is on! Once the couple has made the decision to get married, there are several things to organize. The essential thing is to consider that all the efforts made will be rewarded so that the most important day of your life will probably be in your image: unique. There are countless ways to celebrate a marriage and it is a very romantic choice that belongs only to the couple. More informations : . The first and probably the main problem to be solved would be the type of ceremony. Whether civil or spiritual, think about your desires, your own expectations and choose the one that best suits you. Like all decisions, this one is made by two people: modern, intimate, boho, rustic…? As far as tastes are concerned, there is nothing written and because it is the day, you must organize your wedding according to your character. The most authentic weddings are those that reflect the heart of the couple in the smallest details, even if it is possible to organize the most amazing day of your life in a few weeks, the opening time of the future couple being generally one year.

The wedding planner’s help

The company of a marriage is often a source of concern and sometimes even a struggle between future partners. You have to think of everything: civil or religious wedding invitations, guest book, decoration, service, daytime entertainment, catering… and it takes a long time. It usually takes weeks (or maybe a year) in advance to get familiar with D-Day, but an increasing number of couples are using a wedding planner to save time and simplify their work. The wedding organizer is responsible for coordinating the event from A to Z, except in the case where the bride and groom only ask him to manage certain areas of the reception. He is a professional, he also takes into account the wishes and needs of lovers in order to achieve a wedding in their image. Decoration, reservations of service providers, entertainment, the organization of their service and reception everything is currently under his control. In addition, he can provide many ideas, since he is not hidden from you, he is full of imagination and has organized thousands of weddings. The wedding planner does not hesitate to encourage the future brides to conclude if necessary or to mediate between them in the event of a conflict concerning the decisions to be taken. Once you have understood, you will find it indispensable!

The search for the place of reception

The search for the place of reception is one of the essential points in the planning of this D-day, if not the most important, given the multitude of services that depend on it. This reservation is vital, this first choice is part of the common thread of your wedding because the place will probably be representative of your personality and the subject you want to give it, it represents a significant part of your budget.Discover all the Wedding venues the South of France. Take your time and feel free to compare the rooms with each other with what they provide or not, your original budget will determine the type of venue you can target for your reception. In order to find the right place in terms of space, establish a first approximate list of your visitors, This measure is very important to allow you to directly target the rooms that correspond to the guest reception potential you need! Depending on your desires and desires, check with your region to find out what equipment is available, cocktail barnum, round tables, rectangles, seats… This can save you from having to use an additional service provider to rent your furniture. Don’t be afraid to call your own wedding planner to help you locate a reception venue.

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