What you need to know before buying a helicopter

Whether your goal is to become a professional pilot or whether you wish to acquire a helicopter for your personal travel, you will need to find out about the conditions of purchase and sale of these machines before any operation. Buying one or more aircraft represents a certain budget at the time of purchase, but it also represents maintenance costs in the future. Contact a professionnal for more informations about helicopter for sale.

Nowadays, light aviation has become truly democratized and it is more and more accessible for private individuals to drive a flying aircraft. And of all the possibilities available, helicopter flights are very popular. Flying an aircraft still requires a license, which can be obtained at a flying school. It will allow you to fly for yourself, alone or accompanied by whomever you wish. The private helicopter pilot license is usually obtained within six to thirty-six months depending on your abilities. This license is available to all candidates aged seventeen or older and costs on average 15,700 euros, but the price differs depending on the model chosen to make the flight.

How to choose a helicopter?

Above all, the most important thing is to ensure the reliability of the aircraft, because your safety is the priority. The price of a civil helicopter can be quite high, often much more than a small plane if we compare the price per seat, it is due to the fact that they have more mobile components. Depending on your budget, you will have the choice between buying a new or used aircraft, while remaining attentive to the reliability of the advertisement of course. In both cases, the maintenance of a helicopter also requires a certain budget, due to parts to be changed regularly and frequent overhauls to prevent accidents. The propellers will ask you a particular attention, it is necessary to check before any start if they are not damaged for obvious safety reasons. In addition, you will need to provide a large secure field of 25 meters by 25 meters to ensure a smooth takeoff and landing.

How to choose your helicopter ?

You are advised to choose the same type of helicopter as the one with which you will have passed your pilot exam. You will find it easier to start alone with a familiar helicopter. Very appreciated by flight schools for its maneuverability and low cost, the Robinson R22 model is a small helicopter with which you can really be at ease. This model is most often used for a first flight and its piloting is pleasant and relatively simple. But if you want a model that has a longer flight time to go a little further, of the same brand, the R44 model will suit you perfectly. It is the most sold helicopter model in the world. Indeed, for a more experienced pilot who wishes to make longer trips to all destinations, bigger and more powerful models are recommended, even if they also represent a bigger budget.