Diet started from a health problem

Initially, the diet started from a health problem. Women and men of all ages can activate intolerance and suffer great suffering from this small protein derived from the genetic transformation of wheat. More information about Meat Exporters & Distributors. But that’s not true for everyone. In fact, the majority of people who follow this popular diet are not diagnosed with intolerance or celiac disease.

Permanent intolerance to gluten

Originally, the fermented diet was created after the late discovery of a disease, celiac disease: a permanent intolerance to gluten that causes significant digestive disorders until the destruction of the walls of their small intestine. Migraines, skin problems, poor blood circulation, weight loss, restless sleep … all these symptoms, which if they are due to the absence of gluten, evaporate quickly when you start a diet. Discover innovative meats . Except very quickly, women in search of well-being and weight loss have seized the phenomenon, thus devoting a merciless war to this inadequate gluten. Although very clearly, if you do not suffer from intolerance, forcing yourself not to eat gluten is not always useful.If in itself, the gluten-free diet does not involve any threat, it is always a good idea to respect certain rules.

Discover many products

Decreasing your caloric intake may seem a little complex. By reading food labels, you realize immediately that there are many products. To achieve this, one must keep in mind an essential factor when buying: the more a product is processed, the more likely it is to find gluten. Therefore, focus on raw foods, that is, fruits, legumes, vegetables, fish, eggs, meat and grains that do not contain gluten.

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