Buying a property

In an environment where property prices continue to rise, the life and prospect of buying a property with a discount can be tempting. More information But beware, the constraints can be many and, ultimately, the performance remains random.Connu but very little used, life represents less than 1% of real estate sales of the first. This lack of interest can be explained by the very nature of the life annuity that some consider as a gamble on death. However the life has advantages for the buyer, who can hope to acquire a much cheaper value, but also for the seller, who finds by this means additional remuneration that allows him to improve his “old days”.

The acquisition of a property

$There are many forms of life to meet the specific needs of heritage and offer great flexibility to sellers and buyers. During a busy life, the salesman continues to live at home without changing his habits to his retirement home or death. For the investor, the purchase of a life annuity is similar to a secure rental investment, with only one occupant (the seller), and for which he receives all the “rents” at the time of the acquisition in the form of occupation discount. Contact With life free, the property is sold free of any occupation. The buyer has the opportunity to live in a personal capacity, to accommodate his relatives or rent. The purchase for life allows the buyer to benefit from a credit without bank interest granted by the seller. The acquisition of a property in the life annuity is a real estate investment like the others.

The contract specifies the terms

The sale in life is an opportunity for seniors who have no heirs or who do not want to leave a real estate bequest. This allows them to sell their homes to earn income until the end of their lives. Whether the property is occupied or rented, the contract always specifies the terms. The buyer can become the owner with a payment in installments, when he has no financial contribution. This type of purchase serves as a long-term investment.

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