Buy a used private jet

While the costs of used jets have steadily decreased in recent years, we are currently analyzing the issue of purchasing. More informations : Like cars, private jets depreciate very quickly and, with the introduction of new principles of air safety, the oldest opportunity market has imploded. Indeed, over the last ten years, a jet plane has almost no meaning. This is partly due to the high cost of replacing cockpit avionics, but also to the inefficient combustion of older engines.

Travel by private jet

The possession of a personal jet provides the undeniable advantage of travelling under more favourable conditions, since it enjoys excellent freedom of movement, whether in private or in a professional manner. Unlike some first-class flights, trips can be scheduled according to their own schedule, without the need for well-known check-in procedures. In addition, we benefit from a comfortable space that is sometimes personalized and a committed team. The analysis of the potential frequency of use remains a major standard in this context. Secondly, you will need to specify the size and freedom of flight required. The personal lighting jets, with a capacity of 8 people, allow you to fly for one to three hours. They are perfectly suited to relatively short journeys (about 3,200 km). The medium-sized private jets can accommodate 9 people and also offer a larger baggage storage capacity. Their flight time could reach three and a half hours, or nearly 5,000 km. Finally, the private jet charter known as the “long haul” jet has a longer range (6,500 km), ideally for immediate transatlantic flights. It allows you to travel in greater numbers and in the best conditions of relaxation. Finally, the selection of the seller is also essential.

Reduce the purchase price of a private jet

One of the strategies to reduce the purchase price of a private jet, two different alternatives. The first choice allows you to leave your aircraft and thus be able to amortize at least a certain number of these ancillary costs. To do this, you must contact an aircraft control company, which can take care of the industrial management of your private aircraft if you do not use it. The second choice has recently appeared and consists in buying your personal jet with several people: you therefore share the ownership of the jet, and therefore also its period of use. This formula can be interesting in some cases to considerably reduce the purchase cost. However, before buying your private jet, it is strongly recommended to create calculations of adult life and full expenses.

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